Positive way of Thinking

Do you ever sit back after watching the new, reading the paper, or scrolling down on Facebook and just feel the heaviness of the world? We are fed tons of negative things but where is all the positive? It has to be out there right? All these horrible things don’t just reproduce more horrible things. It sometimes will create positive. we just never hear about it. I would love for this to get to the point where I can tell those stories from across the country or world. For now, I will just entertain you with my daily positives that I find along the way.

I want to warn you that I am not perfect. I don’t pretend to be either.  This isn’t a Blog for me to be better than one and sometimes I might have other people write with me. It’s a place to hear stories of the GOOD that’s out  in the world. I want to strive to spread a Positive WAY of thinking. I want you to read this and feel happy or inspired.

Today I was so lucky to be able to have coffee with two amazing people. While me and another where talking of the beauties of the world we witnessed a car accident. I know what you are thinking about.. How is this in any way positive?  I have had many discussions with people about how if they fall or they see something, people tend to just keep walking. Lost in their own  thought or too scared to get involved because sadly this is where we have gotten to. To scared to help people. THIS is where my positive outlook happened today. As the dust settled on the split second accident many people got out of cars and helped with traffic to insure the safety of those in the accident. Two little kids where in the back seat a nurse came over and quickly looked at the kids to make sure everything was okay.  It’s so amazing to see, kind, selfless strangers go out of their way to help people.

What if we all became aware of those in need a little more in our lives? I’m not saying that you need to give money out, but if you see someone needing a hand to hold a door or a hand up after they have fallen, or to see if everyone is okay after an accident, then we are showing this world that those good people are still out there. So many don’t get recognized for this many don’t want the attention in hopes that someone would do something good for them too. Inspire kindness and positive thoughts.

This is what I want to inspire. To spread to share with everyone. A positive way of thinking.

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