5am bliss

There times in my every day when I get to sit in silence. No tv, no really anything. It’s my bliss my mental start if up for the day. I drink my coffee and totally prepare for what’s a head. I find beauty in this every day. 

I  shake off the sleepys which surprise is a pretty negative grumpy person. Coffee helps me find my way to how I want to impact today. Every day it’s a choice if two paths. One negative and nasty and the other positive and impactful. 

Make today impactful and positive. You never know what will unfold before you. Go in to it ready to let your shine. Not even clouds can stop the sun from shining. 

Monday reminder 

Good Monday beautiful people! 

I just want to give you a Monday positive. 

You are more than  enough. You can and will conquer what ever challenges and trials you face this week. You have the chance to make this a great beautiful week! So go out and take over your world with the best YOU, you can be! Let that light shine. 

I know you can! I know you got this! 

Happy Monday!