Mind Monsters

Mind Monsters I think gets the best of us most days. We quickly analyze, break down, pick apart and insecurely create things in our mind.
At least I do.

Jumping out of my comfort zone pushes me in to a Mind Monster. My insecurities are so crazy that it makes me a different person. We all do this. It’s the fact that we are all trying to figure out life that makes us so lost in what we are doing that forget to just live. Live for the moment. Take it in for what it is. Sitting out of my comfort zone I quickly realize that I made it this far why not enjoy where I am and go that much farther. REALLY! What is the worse that will happen? Right now. This very moment?  Most people will forget what you said. I am always scared that I miss understand something when really will they remember 20 mins from know? If they do I am either really funny or they are so worried about the same thing so they hold on to what I said. Those mind Monsters is what makes you twist and turn that.  We are not much different but are together by being human. When did so much pressure of being some one come upon us? Why can’t we be the person to think out side of the box? Those are the people that normally make the biggest impacts.

Be the person out side the comfort box. Be bigger than your Mind Monster

BE THE IMPACT. Whats the worse that will happen be simply being beautiful you? Don’t let those mind monsters get you down.


5am bliss

There times in my every day when I get to sit in silence. No tv, no really anything. It’s my bliss my mental start if up for the day. I drink my coffee and totally prepare for what’s a head. I find beauty in this every day. 

I  shake off the sleepys which surprise is a pretty negative grumpy person. Coffee helps me find my way to how I want to impact today. Every day it’s a choice if two paths. One negative and nasty and the other positive and impactful. 

Make today impactful and positive. You never know what will unfold before you. Go in to it ready to let your shine. Not even clouds can stop the sun from shining. 

It could always be worse 

It could be worse. I’m writing this post as a speed walk to my mom’s office so I can get my car keys out of her car.. I get mad at the inconvenience but then quickly laugh

It could be worse. Often times I think we take for granted the little luxuries we use daily or if things don’t go our way. We are getting so consume in the inconvenience of it all that we forget that honestly it could be worse. I could be struggling with something much bigger. 

Life is to short to be upset at the inconveniences instead it’s maybe the world telling you something. Slow down, look at the flowers, notice some one, count the stars. Don’t be so busy or upset but to take notice of the smaller blessings that are happening around you. Truth is it truly could always be worse. 

A talented little weed 

“Some my see a weed others may see a wish”

A few years ago my mom made we watch Susan Boyles audition tape. Watching her walk out on stage and after she was done talking to the judges mom stop the video and asked me “what do you think the judges first impression is?” I pondered I said “probably unsure and that it might be a joke.”  She smile politely at me and continued the video. Susan Boyle sang and amazed every one. She was making people cry and had a standing ovation after she finished. My mom stopped the video again and said “Now what do you think the judges think and feel?” 

My mom showed me that you can never judge a book by its cover. You never know the gift that some one might give you by simply allowing them to be themselves. The person that is softly spoken often times can blow you away with how powerful their mind is. It also shows never to underestimate some ones talent by looks or appearance. Every one has something beautiful to offer. Instead of shutting them down we just need to find a way to encourage them to grow.  


I have some of the most beautiful people in my life. 

Seriously the ones that can uplift you and make you laugh all in one moment are the best people. They aren’t closed minded and can help you see in such a different light when everything is dark. 

Every body you want in your life has a spot. It’s either for you to help them or for them to help you. Sometimes they fit to an every day  life and others come and go. I think because friends come in all different shapes and sizes that it’s sometimes hard to know where you stand or even where you want to stand with them. People change. Some good some for worse. Every person that crosses your path teaches you something along the way. 

It’s a beautiful interaction that I often feel is over looked. As I went on a coffee run with a friend today,I truly sat back and and enjoyed my time with this person who was able to understand, support, and encourage me on my level. I often take the beautiful souls in my life for granted.  

So today tell a friend how much they mean to you, because honestly when was the last time you told them how much they meant to you? 


How come we can detox our bodies but we never stop to think about detoxing our minds? 

I recently deleted my Facebook and I sometimes miss seeing the updates of friends and family but I’m happier without having carrying the burden of every one. Weird right? I was nervous people where going to stop talking to me. To be very honest since doing this is feel weight has been lifted. I’m no longer wrapped up in certain drama.

This got me thinking what else am I feeding myself that I should mentally detox from? 

Negative thoughts can so quickly consume and you swim in them until you realize you can stand up and walk out. If we exercise every day our bodies become stronger, leaner, and healthy. If we exercise our positive minds it becomes stronger, and healthier. 

Detox your negative mind. Train your mind to find positives throughout your day to not get caught swimming in negativity. 

Enough is.. enough

I sometimes struggle greatly with being enough for people. Rejection, disappointment, speaking ones own mind, often leads to people feeling like they are never enough.

Let me tell you that if you are a good, kind, loving person and you wake up every day to be the BEST YOU,  you are more than enough.

This world is harsh. That should never stop you from being you.

You where brought here for a reason. That reason alone no matter what you believe in is enough. You impact this world every day. Mind blowing right?!?! By just being yourself you are able to impact. Again making you more than enough.

We are different which is what makes us see,feel,and act different, but that by no means makes your value any less than some one else’s.

Go be you.. impact. Be your best self and shine. Your impact can be as small as a smile, or a hug, but your impact is enough! You are enough!

Monday reminder 

Good Monday beautiful people! 

I just want to give you a Monday positive. 

You are more than  enough. You can and will conquer what ever challenges and trials you face this week. You have the chance to make this a great beautiful week! So go out and take over your world with the best YOU, you can be! Let that light shine. 

I know you can! I know you got this! 

Happy Monday! 


I am supportive and encouraging and if I disagree with people close to me I question but I would never fault my support. 

It’s crazy and some times disheartening when you have people decided they don’t want to support you. 

What I mean is no support and very rarely encouraging. I struggle with this. Sometimes it’s not about what we want but what is best for some one else. Even if we don’t understand or if we know the out come. We should still support some ones path. 

Whether it’s a crazy blog of positivity or coloring your hair bright purple we should always always support people in our lives. We can’t walk in their shoes but we can walk beside them lift then up and help them. 

No matter what you are walking through today know you are supported and encouraged. That you can. If you are starting something new or hitting a bump in the road you are not fighting a lone you will always have some one by your side! 

Black and white 

Do flowers look any less pretty when they are in black and white? No.. so why are we judging humans this way?

See the beauty. See it in others. We don’t know what trials they are walking.  Be a light in the world.