Mind Monsters

Mind Monsters I think gets the best of us most days. We quickly analyze, break down, pick apart and insecurely create things in our mind.
At least I do.

Jumping out of my comfort zone pushes me in to a Mind Monster. My insecurities are so crazy that it makes me a different person. We all do this. It’s the fact that we are all trying to figure out life that makes us so lost in what we are doing that forget to just live. Live for the moment. Take it in for what it is. Sitting out of my comfort zone I quickly realize that I made it this far why not enjoy where I am and go that much farther. REALLY! What is the worse that will happen? Right now. This very moment?  Most people will forget what you said. I am always scared that I miss understand something when really will they remember 20 mins from know? If they do I am either really funny or they are so worried about the same thing so they hold on to what I said. Those mind Monsters is what makes you twist and turn that.  We are not much different but are together by being human. When did so much pressure of being some one come upon us? Why can’t we be the person to think out side of the box? Those are the people that normally make the biggest impacts.

Be the person out side the comfort box. Be bigger than your Mind Monster

BE THE IMPACT. Whats the worse that will happen be simply being beautiful you? Don’t let those mind monsters get you down.


Black and white 

Do flowers look any less pretty when they are in black and white? No.. so why are we judging humans this way?

See the beauty. See it in others. We don’t know what trials they are walking.  Be a light in the world.

To be or not to be

You get to choose so much.. you get to choose what you like and don’t like. And you get to choose what jobs you apply for. Even down to what type of toilet paper to buy, but I think it’s weird that we don’t really realize that we get to choose our daily outlook.

To choose to be positive or to choose not to be positive. That is the question.

Choose to positivity today. Choose to love and spread the good in this world. Choose to smile at some one random and make their day. You can be a ripple. We need all we can get to shine a little  brighter today. Choose to show  good.

The same thing we do every night. TRY and TAKE OVER THE WORLD

You know if Pinky would have given up on taking over the world. Then.. there wouldn’t be a show.. And you would think that mice really didn’t do much with their time.

Life is the same way. Never stop dreaming on how to take over your own world. Shoot for the stars never stop fighting for yourself.  There will be nights where your plans fall through. Where you are rejected and and knocked down, but its all about how you stand back up. My all time favorite batman quote is “Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.”

So if today you where knocked down, rejected, turned down, or that plan just didn’t turn out. Stand back up and remember that your fight is worth it. That you will have some trails and failures along the way, but get back on that horse and do that same thing you do every night. Hold that head high, let your light shine and try to take over the world.

BE the BRA

Bra’s are up lifting and supportive.  So why can’t we be like that to every one?  We are always in judgement mode. Quick to add our comments and views. Why can’t we take a step back to listen to some one and how they are actually viewing something? We all have the right to feel the way we do and we normally have a reason as to how we got there.

If we where to I dunno lets say put down our phones, open our ears, and open our minds what could we learn from some one? Serisously if we where to be more supportive and encouraging of others then maybe we could solve more than what we realize. To hear some one out and to just understand then we are allowing other people to just be heard. To have the chance to understand and to grow from something.

Thats how to be the change to just allow some one to express it.


Fighting Grumpy Gills

There are days where I am in a funk. I feel nasty, I speak nasty, I act nasty and because of that I affect every one. Sometimes I feel it’s such a heavy burden to be positive because I never feel like I can have a bad day. Even when I try to hide it I know my impact isn’t as great as it should be. We all have off days. We all are human. 

I remind myself that I know behind my rain cloud of grumpy that sun is still there. To find it let it shine greater than that nasty. Every one fights a battle and I by no means need to add to it. It’s days like this I give back because those days I know I’m grateful. Bad days don’t equal a bad life, and that because I’m grumpy for oversleeping or some petty thing someone is fighting harder for something real.

My impact is greater positively then negatively and I will always fight for the sun that shines the positive. Either it be deep down in myself or fighting to shine it on someone needing it more than myself.



I CAN and I will

I can and I will.. watch me.

Watch me change my negative mind and I will change my life. Watch me fight for what I believe. For what I stand for. Watch me conquer my fears and jump for my dreams. I can and I will do everything in my power. Watch me change the world because it’s what I believe I can do.

I can and I will. 

It is truly taking those mental thoughts and changing them. It’s fighting for yourself. It’s fighting through failures. Failure will happen. Thomas Edison attempted the light bulb 10,000 different times. What if  he just gave up after that first attempt? What if he gave up after the first 10 or 100. The thing is.. he didn’t he knew it was there and through trial and error he did. I’m sure he had doubts about what he was doing but he kept going, and giving us one of the biggest inventions that we still use today.  So let me ask you. Why are you giving up on yourself? Why are you letting fear and failure stop you from doing what YOU CAN do! Change the mental thought. I have a trainer/ friend who was making me do 300 squats. He started to squat with me and said “do your legs feel it?”.. I shook my head yes in pain to the realization I was only a hundred in. He got real close to me and he said “choke out the mental. It’s easy think you CAN and choke the mental telling you, you can’t finish this.” That hit me like a ton of bricks. My whole life has been a mental battle. Telling myself I can’t do this. When really I was the only thing holding me back. I allowed myself to think I couldn’t, so the reality is.. I couldn’t. After the squats I started to tell myself if I want it then I need to reach it. It became a goal. I had small goals and big goals. I got knocked down on some and on others I conquered. I realized that even my mood and attitude are the same I can be grumpy when ever I want to. I can let it take over or I can let the beauty of this world shine through, and prove to this world that negativity doesn’t have a thing on me.

Today if you feel defeated, stuck, broken, a failure, I hope you know that YOU CAN. You can do what ever is standing in front of you. YOU CAN conquer your fears and doubts and YOU CAN reach every goal you ever wanted. Change that mind-set. You no longer “can’t” do it. Instead thing YOU CAN. Don’t forget to be realistic things will take time things will fail a few times, just stand back up try again. I know you CAN.

Katy Perry and Martin Luther King 

Happy 4th every one. As I have pondered on today’s post all I can think about are two things.. one is history..

And the second is Katy Perry’s fire work song.

I feel like we live in such an amazing time. So much so it has inspired me to create this to share a positive out look in what feels to be a nasty negative world. Media is a harsh problem.. what would the world be like if this media.. (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and what ever else we use) was around when Martin Luther King Jr  stood at the Lincoln Memorial  giving his iconic speech? Would he have the same amount of people flooding the area to stand arm n arm marching in protest of

? Or would we be lost in our cell phones? Taking a snap chat of what was happening. Would we be impacted the same see and understand the same dream? It’s sad  but what if we put our phones down for an hour and learned about the issues of today.. talking to real humans about what is actually happening.. how it’s effecting them. How would they solve it. How can we see the world differently? Dr King didn’t make an impact because he stood just behind the podium to speak. He impacted by hearing people by protesting by standing up and showing in masses  walking hand in hand at what matters. He was the voice of many.

What matters to you? What would you do if you could help change one thing going on in the world? Why is it important?

We are able to vent so many things on social media sites but why do we not see an impact in masses? If we really care to change the world why is it that we only stop at the screen? Or if we do show in masses why is violence related?  I am one that truly believes all lives matter.. so why do we feel we are better then someone else? How often do you ever just sit and talk to people? To hear a new side without getting offended or judgemental. When was the last time you opened your hearts before closing your mind??

I guess my positive thought is if we have come this far in history before then we are able to come far in history now. I truly think that there is so much good out in this world. That we just need to slow down. Put our phones down and listen to what someone is trying to say to us. We are so busy, so lost in what is on our screens that we lose sight of the beauty off the screen. Take a step out of the comfort zone to really hear something. Be a the change. Make the impact.

As for the Katy Perry song.. here you go. Be a firework.

Do you ever feel already buried deep six feet under?
Screams but no one seems to hear a thing
Do you know that there’s still a chance for you
‘Cause there’s a spark in you?

You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine
Just own the night like the 4th of July

‘Cause, baby, you’re a firework
Come on, show ’em what you’re worth
Make ’em go, “Aah, aah, aah”
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Katy Perry  firework