Mind Monsters

Mind Monsters I think gets the best of us most days. We quickly analyze, break down, pick apart and insecurely create things in our mind.
At least I do.

Jumping out of my comfort zone pushes me in to a Mind Monster. My insecurities are so crazy that it makes me a different person. We all do this. It’s the fact that we are all trying to figure out life that makes us so lost in what we are doing that forget to just live. Live for the moment. Take it in for what it is. Sitting out of my comfort zone I quickly realize that I made it this far why not enjoy where I am and go that much farther. REALLY! What is the worse that will happen? Right now. This very moment?  Most people will forget what you said. I am always scared that I miss understand something when really will they remember 20 mins from know? If they do I am either really funny or they are so worried about the same thing so they hold on to what I said. Those mind Monsters is what makes you twist and turn that.  We are not much different but are together by being human. When did so much pressure of being some one come upon us? Why can’t we be the person to think out side of the box? Those are the people that normally make the biggest impacts.

Be the person out side the comfort box. Be bigger than your Mind Monster

BE THE IMPACT. Whats the worse that will happen be simply being beautiful you? Don’t let those mind monsters get you down.



Black and white 

Do flowers look any less pretty when they are in black and white? No.. so why are we judging humans this way?

See the beauty. See it in others. We don’t know what trials they are walking.  Be a light in the world.

Fighting Grumpy Gills

There are days where I am in a funk. I feel nasty, I speak nasty, I act nasty and because of that I affect every one. Sometimes I feel it’s such a heavy burden to be positive because I never feel like I can have a bad day. Even when I try to hide it I know my impact isn’t as great as it should be. We all have off days. We all are human. 

I remind myself that I know behind my rain cloud of grumpy that sun is still there. To find it let it shine greater than that nasty. Every one fights a battle and I by no means need to add to it. It’s days like this I give back because those days I know I’m grateful. Bad days don’t equal a bad life, and that because I’m grumpy for oversleeping or some petty thing someone is fighting harder for something real.

My impact is greater positively then negatively and I will always fight for the sun that shines the positive. Either it be deep down in myself or fighting to shine it on someone needing it more than myself.