Bigger personĀ 

Do you ever feel like it sucks being the bigger person..I giggle as I write that cause it sounds horrible. 

Honestly swallowing my pride and being the bigger person is some times hard for me. I have to completely change my mind set of F*@$ you, to being how can I change this to where I’m helping vs causing more of an issue.  Some times this bites because you want nothing more than to just let the person stumble and fall for there own idiotic ways. 

I have a little voice pop in my head or my heart that always says

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid

I have to take a step back and reset how can I be a better teacher. What are they missing to where they are not succeeding?  

The last thing I ever want is to have some think they are stupid. I’ve felt that before as a child. How cruel it is to make an adult feel that. Yet we seem to love bring people down. To fail. 

When you view it that way doesn’t it seem kind of messed up? 

You get a longer return from helping some one succeed than you do if you are helping them fail. 

Be that positive uplifting person. Stand back and take a breath. Figure out how we can hand and hand accomplish something vs setting it all up to be doomed.  We are all fighting for a spot in this world. To be seen to be heard. You could be the one person that has help some one achieve their world. How amazing is that impact?