How come we can detox our bodies but we never stop to think about detoxing our minds? 

I recently deleted my Facebook and I sometimes miss seeing the updates of friends and family but I’m happier without having carrying the burden of every one. Weird right? I was nervous people where going to stop talking to me. To be very honest since doing this is feel weight has been lifted. I’m no longer wrapped up in certain drama.

This got me thinking what else am I feeding myself that I should mentally detox from? 

Negative thoughts can so quickly consume and you swim in them until you realize you can stand up and walk out. If we exercise every day our bodies become stronger, leaner, and healthy. If we exercise our positive minds it becomes stronger, and healthier. 

Detox your negative mind. Train your mind to find positives throughout your day to not get caught swimming in negativity. 

They Ugly duckling that marches  to its own beat. 

I feel like most days I’m this giant ball of chaos. I think and view the world much differently than those around me. I’m an ugly duckling marching to my own beat..

“I’m out to change the world” I chime as people ask me what my next move is. Do I have to know my next move? 

I don’t have it figured out.. I’m not married and I have no children.. gasp in shock that I didn’t fill the proper mold. I’m marching to my own beat. 

There is no manual to life. We don’t have to have the answers. We don’t have to be perfect or pretend to know it all. We don’t need to walk the same way every one else does

Simply it’s okay to figure life out in your own way. You can view the world in any technicolor way you want too. Dance to the things that move you. Change your major a million times. Go out and change this world. If you believe you can you will.

 It doesn’t matter what or how people view you. What matters is if you are living your adventure the way you see fit to you! 

Enough is.. enough

I sometimes struggle greatly with being enough for people. Rejection, disappointment, speaking ones own mind, often leads to people feeling like they are never enough.

Let me tell you that if you are a good, kind, loving person and you wake up every day to be the BEST YOU,  you are more than enough.

This world is harsh. That should never stop you from being you.

You where brought here for a reason. That reason alone no matter what you believe in is enough. You impact this world every day. Mind blowing right?!?! By just being yourself you are able to impact. Again making you more than enough.

We are different which is what makes us see,feel,and act different, but that by no means makes your value any less than some one else’s.

Go be you.. impact. Be your best self and shine. Your impact can be as small as a smile, or a hug, but your impact is enough! You are enough!

Monday reminder 

Good Monday beautiful people! 

I just want to give you a Monday positive. 

You are more than  enough. You can and will conquer what ever challenges and trials you face this week. You have the chance to make this a great beautiful week! So go out and take over your world with the best YOU, you can be! Let that light shine. 

I know you can! I know you got this! 

Happy Monday! 

My day 

So I am a hyper, spastic, loud, happy, and funny person. I love being able to help people at work and making them smile vs making them cry. 

I put so much energy in to other people that when I reach my home I go to my cave. I watch light hearted TV listen to happy music and do things for myself. On my days off I very rarely go out with people. Instead I spend it with myself. 

I’ve learned that if I don’t love myself and take care of me. I can’t fully be there for other people. Loving yourself can be the most challenging but rewarding thing you can do for yourself. By learning to enjoy YOU, you are able to be more real with not just yourself but with people around you. 

Date yourself. Take you out for one day for one hour. Truly listen to what you want. When was the last time you did something you really wanted vs what some one else wanted? When did a bucket list involve every ones opinion? 

Today do something amazing for you! Sit in the sunshine. Take a longer bath. Spend time with you. I promise you will feel refreshed. 


I am supportive and encouraging and if I disagree with people close to me I question but I would never fault my support. 

It’s crazy and some times disheartening when you have people decided they don’t want to support you. 

What I mean is no support and very rarely encouraging. I struggle with this. Sometimes it’s not about what we want but what is best for some one else. Even if we don’t understand or if we know the out come. We should still support some ones path. 

Whether it’s a crazy blog of positivity or coloring your hair bright purple we should always always support people in our lives. We can’t walk in their shoes but we can walk beside them lift then up and help them. 

No matter what you are walking through today know you are supported and encouraged. That you can. If you are starting something new or hitting a bump in the road you are not fighting a lone you will always have some one by your side! 

Black and white 

Do flowers look any less pretty when they are in black and white? No.. so why are we judging humans this way?

See the beauty. See it in others. We don’t know what trials they are walking.  Be a light in the world.

To be or not to be

You get to choose so much.. you get to choose what you like and don’t like. And you get to choose what jobs you apply for. Even down to what type of toilet paper to buy, but I think it’s weird that we don’t really realize that we get to choose our daily outlook.

To choose to be positive or to choose not to be positive. That is the question.

Choose to positivity today. Choose to love and spread the good in this world. Choose to smile at some one random and make their day. You can be a ripple. We need all we can get to shine a little  brighter today. Choose to show  good.

Walk this way come along walk this way.. 

I’m curious does any one else every struggle with the path they are on? Do you take a lot of outside influence as to what direction you are going?

I have been all over lately. Leaping towards my early 30s I’m still searching for my path. For the first time ever I’m headed towards something that no one really expected of me.  As scary as that rollercoaster is I’m beyond excited for the challenge and for the impact that it will lead not only in my life but hopefully  in others.

So today I hope that you realize that this path you are on in this very moment is the path you are supposed to be walking. That you need to always follow your heart and trust what is going on in the universe. We are here for a reason and those reasons aren’t always to be a millionaire. Maybe it’s to help people smile or help them through a rough path they are on.

So today keep going. Keep that head high! You make this world beautiful. You are here for a reason. And this path you are on is totally where you are supposed to be. Trust it.