I have some of the most beautiful people in my life. 

Seriously the ones that can uplift you and make you laugh all in one moment are the best people. They aren’t closed minded and can help you see in such a different light when everything is dark. 

Every body you want in your life has a spot. It’s either for you to help them or for them to help you. Sometimes they fit to an every day  life and others come and go. I think because friends come in all different shapes and sizes that it’s sometimes hard to know where you stand or even where you want to stand with them. People change. Some good some for worse. Every person that crosses your path teaches you something along the way. 

It’s a beautiful interaction that I often feel is over looked. As I went on a coffee run with a friend today,I truly sat back and and enjoyed my time with this person who was able to understand, support, and encourage me on my level. I often take the beautiful souls in my life for granted.  

So today tell a friend how much they mean to you, because honestly when was the last time you told them how much they meant to you? 

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