I am supportive and encouraging and if I disagree with people close to me I question but I would never fault my support. 

It’s crazy and some times disheartening when you have people decided they don’t want to support you. 

What I mean is no support and very rarely encouraging. I struggle with this. Sometimes it’s not about what we want but what is best for some one else. Even if we don’t understand or if we know the out come. We should still support some ones path. 

Whether it’s a crazy blog of positivity or coloring your hair bright purple we should always always support people in our lives. We can’t walk in their shoes but we can walk beside them lift then up and help them. 

No matter what you are walking through today know you are supported and encouraged. That you can. If you are starting something new or hitting a bump in the road you are not fighting a lone you will always have some one by your side! 

4 thoughts on “Supporting

  1. I love your post and absolutely agree with it! It’s all about supporting the ones we love and letting them know that regardless of the path in life they are taking or the truths they are seeking, they will the backing they need by friends and family who care about them.

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  2. I think we should more courageous to tread the paths we truly want. It is okay to be diplomatic, yes, but it is also okay to know when people are being pains in the ass for no reason. Then we should back off from such uneventful support and go our way nonetheless.

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