Being an Adult is the Dumbest thing I have ever done.

You read it right.

I miss naps

For reals though. Where did that imagination, curiosity, love, and naps go? I miss having  imgination of the world. I literally could do anything and nothing would stop in my way. I was the hero of this story and I didn’t need to be saved. I still am kind of curious but its more so like what is this mole hair on my arm, and should I worry? Nothing like when I was younger when I wanted to know how EVERYTHING worked.  Unless I heard my elders talking about something I would accept every one with open arms. I didn’t know what race was.. If I did I knew I would win cause clearly I would be the fastest. I had no clue what religion was or if some one knew something different then what I believed. There was always always good, and so many where equal to me. In fact growing up has made me so harsh to this world.

So from here on I want to find my sense of wonder find my imagination to do what ever I want. Regain some fun curiosity and to open my arms to as much good to the world as possible.. Find a way to make it good again, to live by example and help people find their inner child.

Maybe I will even sneak a nap or two in there.

4 thoughts on “Being an Adult is the Dumbest thing I have ever done.

  1. Growing up sucks big time. Let’s say we need a little growing up, you know, leave home, get your bearings, love, and whatnot.

    I think, in a way, we need to grow up to become young again.


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