Fighting Grumpy Gills

There are days where I am in a funk. I feel nasty, I speak nasty, I act nasty and because of that I affect every one. Sometimes I feel it’s such a heavy burden to be positive because I never feel like I can have a bad day. Even when I try to hide it I know my impact isn’t as great as it should be. We all have off days. We all are human. 

I remind myself that I know behind my rain cloud of grumpy that sun is still there. To find it let it shine greater than that nasty. Every one fights a battle and I by no means need to add to it. It’s days like this I give back because those days I know I’m grateful. Bad days don’t equal a bad life, and that because I’m grumpy for oversleeping or some petty thing someone is fighting harder for something real.

My impact is greater positively then negatively and I will always fight for the sun that shines the positive. Either it be deep down in myself or fighting to shine it on someone needing it more than myself.



2 thoughts on “Fighting Grumpy Gills

  1. Much of my purpose in starting a blog is to connect with others that are similar to me (they have to be out there somewhere!) Your writing really resonates with me. Thank you very much for sharing. I don’t feel so alone. : )

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