I CAN and I will

I can and I will.. watch me.

Watch me change my negative mind and I will change my life. Watch me fight for what I believe. For what I stand for. Watch me conquer my fears and jump for my dreams. I can and I will do everything in my power. Watch me change the world because it’s what I believe I can do.

I can and I will. 

It is truly taking those mental thoughts and changing them. It’s fighting for yourself. It’s fighting through failures. Failure will happen. Thomas Edison attempted the light bulb 10,000 different times. What if  he just gave up after that first attempt? What if he gave up after the first 10 or 100. The thing is.. he didn’t he knew it was there and through trial and error he did. I’m sure he had doubts about what he was doing but he kept going, and giving us one of the biggest inventions that we still use today.  So let me ask you. Why are you giving up on yourself? Why are you letting fear and failure stop you from doing what YOU CAN do! Change the mental thought. I have a trainer/ friend who was making me do 300 squats. He started to squat with me and said “do your legs feel it?”.. I shook my head yes in pain to the realization I was only a hundred in. He got real close to me and he said “choke out the mental. It’s easy think you CAN and choke the mental telling you, you can’t finish this.” That hit me like a ton of bricks. My whole life has been a mental battle. Telling myself I can’t do this. When really I was the only thing holding me back. I allowed myself to think I couldn’t, so the reality is.. I couldn’t. After the squats I started to tell myself if I want it then I need to reach it. It became a goal. I had small goals and big goals. I got knocked down on some and on others I conquered. I realized that even my mood and attitude are the same I can be grumpy when ever I want to. I can let it take over or I can let the beauty of this world shine through, and prove to this world that negativity doesn’t have a thing on me.

Today if you feel defeated, stuck, broken, a failure, I hope you know that YOU CAN. You can do what ever is standing in front of you. YOU CAN conquer your fears and doubts and YOU CAN reach every goal you ever wanted. Change that mind-set. You no longer “can’t” do it. Instead thing YOU CAN. Don’t forget to be realistic things will take time things will fail a few times, just stand back up try again. I know you CAN.

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