Be your best self

A positive way of thinking is a way of thinking for sure but no human could possibly  be OVER positive every day. I think we all have faults. We all struggle, and sadly not all days are amazingly positive.

It is very rare to find someone who hasn’t gone through a trail. We would like to pretend that that’s what we need to be but let’s get real. We all lose confidence, have a bad day or week. We struggle with work or  someones personality challenges us in a way we never expected. You are real it’s not all sunshine and daisies. It is how ever how you handle it. You can make it what you want and even though that day is rough. It in no way has to define you.  In most stories that’s really what we admire isn’t ? We admire that they can stand up to the bully or finally realize that by speaking your mind can get you farther than by just stand on the sidelines. We admire those people who we think are these amazing heroes because they stood up for whats right.

I think all to often because of these high expectations that we lose sight that we do these heroric ideas every day. Even though it doesn’t save the world we over come fears and issues. By over coming smaller victories we gain confidence  and learn to deal with different or difficult personalities  that can lead us to be more positive in the way we strive to be the IMG_20160609_214859we can be.

So no matter what you are going through face the world by being your best self. In the end when you are the best of yourself, you go and do the best you can then really what more could some one ask of you? You faced this crazy world of judgment the best way you knew how and really I think thats a pretty amazing thing. You held your head high and had a positive way of thinking about the world, instead of being defeated by it.

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