Learning so bear with me

IMG_20160702_230049.jpgSo I have been thinking a lot about this whole blog thing. It’s much harder to do than I thought it would. I have this idea in my head to have this amazing blog to have it be this new idea and wave of a newspaper or a way to spread a different form of news.

Where do you start? How to really express what you see and feel? I’ve been questioning all of this to see how I really make this happen. One thing I for sure want is to not make this in to something that almost seems fake. I can pump you full of positive quotes and Ideas and challenges but really what it comes down to is that its not how real life works. Real life is ups and downs. Ups are so amazing and beautiful but its the downs that are what make you search things out how to find hope and a new way of thinking to help find your way out of this slump. Thing is we all go through it and we all rise. That’s what I want to bring to you. Hang with me as I figure this out. Because I want to be a spark that sets fire to the world to show you the good that’s truly out there.  People, places, and things can all encourage, inspire and help you grow. That’s my point with this. Not to just give you all the positive quotes you have heard before. Or to be fake with what the point of this blog is for. Its to show that you are not alone. That we all have rainy days. It’s how we fight for the sunshine that matters.

So I’m learning. Hopefully we can spark something beautiful.


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